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Lough Derg has quality pike fishing to offer every angler to help him/her to catch that pike of a lifetime. The pike angler can use a wide range of methods including wobbling and static dead baiting, spinning, lure and fly fishing.Pike fishing on Lough derg
Static Dead Baiting:
A very common method where you use a dead fish such as a small roach or a sea fish, such as mackerel. You will need to use a running rig and need some form of bite indication. This method can be described as inactive, as once you cast out your baits you have to wait for a bite. It is extremely important to use a buzzer, as you need to know as soon as you get a bite so you can strike quickly to avoid deep hooking especially in summer.

You will need a boat for this method. It is pretty straight forward. You bring a selection of different lures and cast them out from behind the boat and slowly make you way around the river or lake. You need to set your drag just right so you don’t pull the fishes jaw off if you get a bite or lose your rod!!

If you are inexperienced and do not have allot of tackle spinning is a very basic, cheap and effective method. All you need are a couple if spinners and plugs. Attach the lure to the end of your line by way of a steel trace and cast out and retrieve the lure. You should try cover as much ground as possible to increase your chances of catching. Spinners are quite effective during the summer months.

Wobbling/Sink and draw:
This is often described as the one of the most effective method of pike fishing. You will need to buy some small dead fishes for bait. Smelt are usually considered the most effective and can be bought from most good tackle shops in packs of ten. Similar to spinning you just hook the dead bait on to your trace and cast out the bait and reel it in slowly mimicking the movement of a dying fish. To increase your chances the most, you should try to cover as much ground as possible. Try a few casts in one spot and then move on 10 meters or so and cast again and continue in this fashion covering as much ground as possible. River banks with good access along the bank are the best places for this method.

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